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Shape ReClaimed Reviews: What Are the Dangers?

Shape ReClaimed Program by Shape ReClaimed Company




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  • Low-carb diet plan


  • Drops may be ineffective
  • High price

Shape ReClaimed Summary

This weight-loss program is basically a low-carb anti-inflammatory diet with supplementary drops. The ingredients in the drops seem to be ineffective for weight loss. The Shape ReClaimed diet can only be done with an approved practitioner in your local area. The price for this program is very expensive for weight loss you could carry out on your own.

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Shape ReClaimed Reviews | What is Shape ReClaimed?

Shape ReClaimed is a three-phase anti-inflammatory weight-loss program that utilizes a practitioner’s consultation and a low-carbohydrate diet to help you detox and lose weight.

Shape ReClaimed claims to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Release toxic weight

The Shape ReClaimed program states that it’s different from other weight loss programs because of its frequent body pH testing to constantly tailor your program to your current bodily needs.

But will this program really help you do all this?

In this in-depth Shape ReClaimed review, we reveal our findings of this miracle weight loss program.

Shape Reclaimed Reviews

Shape ReClaimed Diet

The Shape ReClaimed program begins with a consultation from a licensed practitioner working with the Shape ReClaimed company. According to the official Shape ReClaimed website, it’s not just doctors who can become Shape ReClaimed practitioners, but nurses and chiropractors as well.

The practitioner will have you do a baseline urinalysis and provide you with “The Complete Patient Guidebook” and a bottle of SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement. The included guidebook comes with approved Shape ReClaimed recipes and Shape ReClaimed food list.

Phase I of this program suggests that you follow the nutrition guidelines, take the Shape ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement drops and visit your practitioner for regular urinalyses to maintain a balanced pH. This phase should last at least 3 weeks or until you have reached your health goals. Phase I purpose is to lose excess weight, cleanse and detox, and build a better relationship with food.

Phase II of Shape Reclaimed is halting the use of the Shape Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement drops and re-introducing eliminated foods back into your diet. This three-week phase is to help you balance out your brain chemistry and metabolism.

Phase III is adapting what you have learned from the previous two phases to a long-term healthier lifestyle. In this phase, you can restart using the Shape Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement drops again to supplement your diet.

This six-week physician assisted weight loss program sounds like it could set you up for success but in the next sections, we will be taking a closer look at the components of this program and if it is right for you.

Shape Reclaimed Ingredients

Shape ReClaimed Drops Ingredients

The Shape Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement claims that is it all organic and natural. It is labeled as “nanomolecular nutrition” because it contains nanodoses of natural materials to target the root of a problem on a molecular level.

Shape ReClaim alleges that the nanodoses are easier for the body to absorb and safe from the side effects of a normal dose.

Let’s see what the ingredients in Shape Reclaimed drops are and how they work.

  • Lyophilized Pituitary Bovine Gland
  • Lyophilized Hypothalamus Bovine Gland
  • Lyophilized Placenta Ovine
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Potassium Phosphate
  • Magnesium Phosphate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • CoQ10
  • Strychnine tree seed
  • Graphite
  • Club moss (spores/leaves)
  • Greater celandine root
  • Activated charcoal
  • Bladderwrack
  • Pokeweed root
  • Chasteberry
  • Star of Bethlehem (Bach Flower Remedy)
  • Mustard (Bach Flower Remedy)
  • Oak (Bach Flower Remedy)
  • Amino acids: arginine, cysteine, leucine, proline, serine, threonine, valine
  • Goldenrod (aerial parts)
  • Berbine root bark
  • Oregon grape root
  • Chinese goldthread root

As you can see Shape ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement formula is extensive. We’ll be reviewing several key ingredients from the formula.

Shape Reclaimed Diet

Magnesium Phosphate

Magnesium is an important dietary mineral that is often deficient in our diets. Having adequate magnesium levels will help protect you against the effects of depression and ADHD.

However, studies have shown that magnesium has very little effect on reducing fat or muscle cramps as suggested by the Shape ReClaimed website.

Magnesium is a good ingredient to have to supplement your dietary needs but as a nanodose in Shape ReClaimed drops, it is pretty much ineffective and unnecessary.


CoQ10 or also known as Coenzyme Q10 is a molecule naturally produced in the human body. It helps mitochondria in the body produce energy. CoQ10 can be found naturally in various foods such as meat and fish.

It is not necessary to have CoQ10 as an ingredient in the Shape ReClaimed drops formula because CoQ10 can be supplemented from a balanced diet which Shape ReClaimed already includes in their program.

Club moss

Club moss, not to be confused with Chinese club moss, is an herb that Shape ReClaimed’s website states relieves gas, bloating, and indigestion.

There are not enough studies to support the claim that it will help with weight loss or support the liver/gallbladder. Club moss seems effective for constipation but only when used as a suppository.

This does not seem like a good ingredient to have in Shape ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement because there are not enough strong studies to suggest its effectiveness.

Star of Bethlehem (Bach Flower Remedy)

Star of Bethlehem is a plant in which the bulb contains chemicals used for medicine. It’s been reported that Star of Bethlehem is unsafe as medicine because its strong chemicals may cause life-threatening side effects like an irregular heartbeat.

The extract of this plant in the Shape Reclaimed formula is derived from the Bach Flower Remedies. Bach Flower Remedies are watered down extracts from flowers and wild plants to be used for emotional problems and pain. There is not enough existing research available to support the effectiveness of Bach Flower Remedies.

This is not a good ingredient to have in Shape ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement because Bach Flower Remedies are already flower extracts diluted with water so a nanodose of this would be very ineffective.


Goldenrod is an herb that contains chemicals to increase urine flow as well as anti-inflammatory effects. It is used to decrease pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and as a diuretic.

There are a few studies supporting the effectiveness of Goldenrod’s uses so this is a good ingredient to have in Shape ReClaimed drops.

Shape ReClaimed Ingredients Summary

After reviewing several of the ingredients in the Shape ReClaimed formula, we have found:

  1. Supplement doses are too small to have an effect on dietary needs
  2. Lots of ingredients don’t have enough studies to support their effectiveness
  3. Using nanodoses of already watered-down plant extracts

Their formula is stuffed full of different ingredients. Shape ReClaimed claims that their nanodoses are effective. However, this leads us to be suspicious that this is their way of cutting costs by using a little bit of everything to claim the ingredients’ benefits. Some of the ingredients were not proven effective. So how effective could a tiny drop of everything really be?

Shape Reclaimed Side Effects

Shape ReClaimed Dangers | Shape ReClaimed Side Effects

Of the ingredients we reviewed in the Shape ReClaimed drops formula, club moss is the most concerning. Club Moss is potentially unsafe to be ingested orally because it contains poisonous chemicals.

However, since Shape ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement drops are served in such small doses, it is uncertain if most of these ingredients will be safe in these nanodoses.

However, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before starting this program.

Shape ReClaimed and Hair Loss

When your body loses weight dramatically, undergoes physical/emotional stress or hormonal changes, you may potentially experience hair loss. These events signal the hair follicles to move into an inactive stage and fall out.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet in any weight loss regimen. Lack of important nutrients will cause physical stress on the body which leads to hair loss.

We all want to shrink our waistlines quickly. But we want to do it in a way that is less damaging to the other parts of our bodies.

How to Take Shape ReClaimed Drops

According to the directions on the Shape ReClaimed Dietary Supplement label, it is recommended you take 0.50 mL drops three times daily. Also, you should avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before or after taking the drops.

Additional instructions state that you should not touch the dropper to your lips, teeth, or tongue to avoid external contamination.

Shape Reclaimed Cost

Where Can I Buy Shape ReClaimed Drops?

Shape ReClaimed Drops can only be purchased through a Shape ReClaimed approved practitioner. You can find the list of SHAPE Practitioners on the official Shape ReClaimed website.

If you are looking for other Shape ReClaimed products, you can purchase them from the Shape ReClaimed Amazon selling page.

Shape ReClaimed Cost

We have found through extensive research that the overall cost of the six week Shape ReClaimed program is $300. It is unclear if the price is set by the specific practitioner or if it includes the Shape ReClaimed Dietary Supplement cost.

Shape ReClaimed Testimonials

If you try searching online for real Shape ReClaimed customer reviews about the Shape ReClaimed program, you may not find much. The official Shape ReClaimed website has only five star sparkling reviews about the Shape ReClaimed program. We are very skeptical. We know that no weight loss program is absolutely perfect.

Since Shape ReClaimed can only be purchased through their distributors, it is difficult to find a public forum for people to discuss the Shape ReClaimed program and their experience with it. We cannot assume that this program is perfect so the lack of negative feedback found is concerning.

Shape Reclaimed Review

Shape ReClaimed Reviews | Does Shape ReClaimed Work?

The Shape ReClaimed program is a three-phase anti-inflammatory diet with physician assistants. The program includes the Shape ReClaimed Dietary Supplement drops and a Complete Patient Handbook. The program directs you to visit your practitioner regularly for a urinalysis to check up on your body pH. From there, you adjust your dietary intake to help you get the best results for your weight loss.

We looked at the ingredients for the Shape ReClaimed drops and we are not impressed. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary ingredients in the product. It even leads us to think that the company may be trying to cut costs by describing the drops as “nanodoses”.

If you switched to a low-carbohydrate anti-inflammatory diet, you would definitely lose weight because of the calorie restriction. The Shape ReClaimed drops don’t even seem necessary for weight loss.

The Shape ReClaimed program claims it is different from other weight loss programs because they have a practitioner who constantly monitors your progress via urinalysis. Is it worth the hefty $300 price tag? We would not recommend Shape ReClaimed because of its lack of honest real customer reviews, ineffective drops supplement, and low availability.

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