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LA-3 Reviews: Can it Help You Lose Weight and Live Longer?

LA-3 Longevity Activator by Live Cell Research




Side Effects


Core Nutrients



  • Contains Quercetin


  • Risky side effect with Berberine
  • Not available in stores

LA- 3 Summary

The ingredients aren’t too great for fat-burning and weight loss. Two of the three ingredients are known to strengthen cells and immune system, with only one ingredient actually activating AMPK processes. There’s a potential for serious side effects if LA-3 is used with other medications. Customer reviews suggests that it is uncertain if LA-3 can actually help you live longer.

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Live Cell Research LA-3 Reviews

Live Cell Research LA-3 is a LA-3 supplement which claims to promote:

  • AMPK Activity
  • Increased Energy
  • Longevity

According to studies, increasing your AMPK levels will help your body activate many processes in your cells such as breaking down glucose for energy and reducing your abdominal fat, which then increases your longevity.

Everybody wants to be live a longer life and look good while they do right?
But does Live Cell Research LA-3 really does what it says?

In this full LA-3 review, we take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, and safety of this LA-3 supplement.

LA-3 Ingredients

LA-3 Ingredients

As you age, AMPK activity decreases in your cells. This causes belly fat to build up because AMPK influences body fat composition. Increased abdominal fat is dangerous as it can promote inflammation in your body and even reduce your life span. AMPK can also stimulate glucose breakdown which will give you more energy.

Some of the ingredients found in LA-3 Longevity Activator are certain plant extracts that claim to naturally increase AMPK levels.

We’ll dive in deeper and check out how effective these LA-3 ingredients really are.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract (ActivAMP)

Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herb also known as “Southern Ginseng,” even though it is not related to Panax Ginseng (True Ginseng). They share very similar properties except Gynostemma being more anti-diabetic.

Studies have shown that Gynostemma can induce antioxidant enzymes and protect cells from aging damage. This means that Gynostemma can help prevent diseases and strengthen your cells from aging, which will help you live longer.

This seems like a good ingredient to have in the Live Cell Research LA-3 supplement to promote longevity.

Quercetin dihydrate

Quercetin dihydrate is a natural plant chemical commonly found in most colored fruits and vegetables, such as kale, blueberries, apples, onions, citrus fruits, and sweet potatoes. Quercetin has also been found in drinks such as green tea and red wine.

Some of the main health benefits of Quercetin are its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antihistamine, blood pressure balancing properties.

Querccetin’s anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to your health in that it can reduce pain and strengthen your body against disease. That’s why it’s important to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables.

This ingredient is great to have in LA-3 Longevity Activator because it helps to boost your immune system and lower inflammation which will help you stay healthier and live longer.

LA-3 Supplement

Berberine HCI

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Berberine is an alkaloid compound extracted from various herbs. It is generally known for reducing insulin resistance to help prevent type II diabetes.

Not only does Berberine have anti-diabetic properties, but it can also activate the AMPK enzyme which can protect the lifespan of your cells over time and reduce the formation of abdominal fat.

Berberine is a good ingredient to have in this LA-3 supplement because of its AMPK activating benefits to help you fight age and belly fat.

LA 3 and High Blood Pressure

You may be wondering if Live Cell Research LA-3 Supplement will help your high blood pressure, although it does not state that it will do that on the label.

One of the ingredients in LA-3 Longevity Activator is Quercetin and that is known to have blood pressure balancing properties. So if you have high blood pressure, this LA-3 supplement may be helpful to you along with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. You could also include a wider variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet as Quercetin is naturally found in most produce.

LA-3 Live Cell Research Ingredients Summary

  1. Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract is great for its antioxidant properties and its ability to descrease the effect of cell oxidization over time.
  2. Quercetin dihydrate is a natural plant chemical with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with other health benefits.
  3. Berberine HCI aids with insulin sensitivity and can increase AMPK activation to give you more energy, less abdominal fat, and longevity.

Live Cell Research LA-3

LA-3 Side Effects

From what we know, all these ingredients are safe to take at these doses. However, Berberine is known to have severe interactions with other medications, so please be sure to take the recommended dosages and consult your doctor for medical advice before taking this supplement.

LA-3 Review

Where to Buy LA-3

You can buy LA-3 Live Cell Research from online sellers such as Amazon, Ebay, or the Live Cell Research official website.

LA-3 Live Cell Research cannot be bought in-stores.

LA-3 Coupon Code

You can receive an LA-3 coupon code for a discount on the Live Cell Research website if it is you are a first time customer.

LA-3 Scam?

It seems unlikely that LA-3 is a scam. However, some LA-3 reviews point out the ambiguity in the company’s refund policies, which states that any product may be returned for any reason.

This may sound good, but it is not clear the product will be accepted for refund if it is already open. Supplement companies tend to offer hassle-free refunds but they have the right to turn down the refund if it doesn’t meet their refund specifications.

In most cases with refunds, the company usually requests that you send your bottles back and pay for shipping. We suggest that if you’re going to buy LA-3 that you keep your bottles and boxes in case this fat burner does not work out for you.

LA-3 Supplement – Amazon Reviews

In this section, we’ll be looking at “Verified Purchase” reviews on Amazon to further investigate if LA-3 Longevity Activator really does what it says or if it’s a scam.

LA-3 Scam

This is a highly positive LA-3 review with 5 stars for a Verified Purchase. However, the review description seems very vague, referring to LA-3 supplement as “product” and there is no name on the Amazon account, just “Amazon Customer”.

Like with any Amazon review, you should be wary of fake Amazon reviews, especially ones like these that seem generic and unauthentic. This makes us suspicious of the effectiveness of Live Cell Research LA-3.

Does LA-3 Work

This review seems much more genuine as the user points out a specific side effect they had. It is unclear how well it worked for this user but we can see that they were not satisfied with LA-3 and will not try it again.

The reviews for LA-3 are overall a mixed bag so it is up to you, the consumer, to think about the information from this article to decide if LA-3 Longevity Activator is the supplement for you.

LA-3 Pros and Cons


  • Most of the ingredients seem to be effective according to studies and contribute to all of LA-3 supplement’s claims
  • Ingredients are all natural
  • Minimal side effects if taken according to dosage


  • 2 out of 3 ingredients have antioxidant properties and only one ingredient (Berberine) seems to increase AMPK levels, so whether these ingredients alone is strong enough to be effective in weight loss and longevity is unknown
  • Berberine may have severe reactions with other medication if taken at high dosages, so doctor consultation is highly recommended

LA-3 Reviews

LA-3 Reviews Summary | Does LA-3 Work?

It is not possible to know for sure if LA-3 Live Cell Research will actually help you live longer but you may enjoy the added benefit of reduced abdominal fat and increased energy from this LA-3 supplement.

Would we recommend a different weight loss supplement? Yes, we would. Even though the promise of having a longer life with a thinner waist is tempting, there is no way to know for sure if you will receive the stated benefits from Live Cell Research LA-3. You might as well use a different supplement that will work harder to help you shrink your waistline and burn fat.

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