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Modere Trim: 8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

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  • Has 4 different flavors


  • Not enough weight loss ingredients
  • Expensive price
  • Proprietary blend

Modere Trim Quick Summary

Modere Trim only contains two ingredients that research has shown are too weak and ineffective to help you lose weight and block fat. There is also a lot of negative feedback and bad customer reviews about Modere Trim on Amazon and Reddit. It is also very expensive for one bottle.

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Modere Trim Reviews | Chocolate & Vanilla

Modere Trim is a liquid collagen-based weight-loss supplement that claims to help you:

  • Inhibit Fat Absorption
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Restore Youthful Skin

Modere Trim, or also known as “Liquid Gold Weight Loss,” comes in a range of 4 different flavors which are: Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, and Coconut Lime to make it easier to ingest and lose weight.

Modere Trim Chocolate

Sounds simple enough, but can Modere Trim actually help you shred fat and tone your muscles?

In this Modere Trim review, we talk about the research behind the ingredients, side effects, customer reviews, and before and after results.

Modere Trim Ingredients

1. Modere Trim Ingredients

The ingredients in Modere Trim are conjugated linoleic acid and Liquid Biocell.

Modere Trim is also not zero calories. Each serving of Modere Trim is 50-60 calories because it contains 4 grams of fat, probably from the Liquid Biocell ingredient which contains chicken cartilage.

These two ingredients are also within a proprietary blend, which is already a big red flag to us.

What’s a proprietary blend? A proprietary blend is a mix of ingredients that get labeled under one amount, instead of individual amounts for each ingredient.

Why are proprietary blends bad? Supplement companies may use proprietary blends to cut costs and make profits. They do this by hiding the amount of each ingredient in the blend. This way, you don’t know if you’re getting enough of a good ingredient for it to actually work, or if you’re getting more of the weak ingredient.

It could also be potentially dangerous if you experience an unwanted side effect and don’t know the exact amount of the ingredients. So you should be very skeptical when it comes to proprietary blends in supplements.

We’re surprised that Modere has only chosen two ingredients in their liquid diet supplement. This company has a lot of confidence in those two ingredients to be to help you lose fat, tone up, and restore your skin health.

Let’s take a look at each of these ingredients in Modere Trim and check out the science behind it to see if it’ll actually work for you.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or also known as “CLA” are fatty acids that are suggested to help your body with fat loss.

There is a molecular signaling receptor system in your body called PPAR which has multiple roles in your body, one of which is fat burning.

CLA can affect the processes of PPAR receptors, which leads people to assume that CLA supplementation can help increase fat loss through PPAR.

However, according to several studies, CLA’s effect on PPAR receptors is too weak to cause any significant weight loss in humans.

There was some evidence to suggest that CLA can help retain lean mass during fat loss but the results of that study were not reliable.

This is not a good ingredient to have in Modere Trim liquid weight loss supplement because research has shown that CLA is too weak to cause weight loss in your body.

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Modere Trim Results

Liquid Biocell

Liquid Biocell is a brand name for a proprietary Chicken Sternal Cartilage Extract that includes Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II Peptides, and Chondroitin Sulfate.

There is not a lot of legitimate research done on the effects of Liquid Biocell because it is a branded proprietary ingredient. It claims to improve joint comfort and mobility, promote healthy cartilage and tissue, and restore your skin’s health.

First of all, Modere Trim is not vegetarian or vegan-friendly because it contains Chicken Sternal Cartilage extract.

We’re going to look closer at the individual ingredients in Liquid Biocell and if they are proven to effectively help your joints and skin.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II Peptides – This comes from the chicken cartilage and is suggested to help the body produce substances that help inflammation and promote joint health.

Chondroitin Sulfate – This is a supplement that is commonly used to help symptoms of osteoarthritis by reducing joint pain and stiffness.

Hyaluronic Acid – This is a naturally occurring substance in your body found in your eye fluid and joints. It is commonly used to improve skin texture and joint health.

It’s also a proprietary blend within the Modere Trim which makes us skeptical of its effectiveness. The majority of this ingredient might be fat and glycerin, which only has a couple of grams of collagen.

Overall, Liquid Biocell is an okay Modere Trim ingredient to have if you’re looking to improve your skin and joint health. Liquid Biocell offers no weight-loss benefits from its ingredients.

Modere Trim Ingredients Summary

The ingredients in Modere Trim does not impress us. It’s a proprietary blend with two ingredients. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is not an effective weight loss ingredient according to research. The Liquid Biocell is another proprietary blend of ingredients to promote skin and joint health.

These two ingredients together in a proprietary blend in Modere Trim make us skeptical if this product even works. It is also not FDA-approved and none of its ingredients have been approved for weight loss.

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2. Modere Trim Side Effects

Modere Trim doesn’t list any side effects on their label, but with all nutritional supplements, there may be some ingredient-related side effects.

Here is the list of potential Modere Trim Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Upset
  • Vomiting

Modere Trim also lists Chicken Sternal Cartilage as one of its proprietary ingredients in Liquid Biocell. This means that Modere Trim is not vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

It’s also not keto-friendly, as there are 2 grams of carbs listed on Modere Trim’s nutrition label.

If you have any allergies or medical conditions, consult your doctor before taking Modere Trim.

3. Modere Trim and Burn

The Modere company has a bundle where they pair Modere Trim with another product called Modere Burn. These two products should be safe enough to be taken together.

However, it’s uncertain if these products together will be effective in helping you burn fat and lose weight.

Modere Trim Weight Loss

4. Modere Trim Weight Loss Reviews

Modere Trim is advertised as an all-natural collagen weight loss toning dietary supplement.

We looked into the fat-burning ingredient in Modere Trim, which is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). There is very little evidence to support that CLA can decrease body fat or block fat absorption. Research suggests that CLA is too weak to be effective for weight loss in the body.

According to customers’ weight loss reviews, there are mixed results on whether Modere Trim helped them lose weight or not.

On the official Modere website, there seems to only be positive reviews that were selected by the company. Some of those positive reviews even state that Modere Trim has helped them curb their sugar cravings, which is strange considering there is no research to support that Modere Trim ingredients can do that.

On the Modere Amazon pages, there are many negative reviews stating that Modere Trim did nothing for them. There were even a few positive reviews that stated Modere Trim tasted good but did not work at all.

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5. Modere Trim – Reddit

Modere Trim is hugely popular on Reddit on the anti-Multi Level Marketing subreddit.

Upon further research, Modere hires on “social retailers” to sell and distribute Modere products on their personal Facebook page.

This anti MLM subreddit is dedicated to informing others about the practices of multi-level marketing companies, like Modere, and debunk the false claims about the products.

This is not a great sign that Modere Trim is an effective and reliable product if there are many people on Reddit who highly discourage against the company’s practices and products.

6. Modere Trim Amazon

Besides the official Modere website, Modere Trim is also sold on Amazon by a page called Modere.

What’s strange is that the price of Modere Trim on Amazon is $109.95 (at the time of this review) compared to $99.99, which is the price of Modere Trim on the official site. It’s suspiciously more expensive on Amazon than it is on the official website.

The descriptions of Modere Trim and other Modere products on Amazon are also incomplete and unprofessionally done. The Amazon page may not be an official Modere page and possibly be someone part of the Modere MLM trying to profit from the products.

Some of the negative customer reviews on Modere Amazon products claim that they received expired products. The positive reviews seem fake and may potentially be Modere social retailers trying to boost their products’ reputation.

Modere Trim eBay

There are also plenty of Modere Trim and other Modere products available for purchase on eBay. This also seems to be Modere’s social retailers trying to sell off their products to make a profit in the MLM.

Modere Trim Before and After

7. Modere Trim Results | Before and After

Modere’s official website includes before and after pictures of people who have lost weight using Modere.

However, it doesn’t seem like these people exist on the internet outside of the Modere website. The before and after photos of these people also don’t advertise the Modere products within their pictures.

We have reason to suspect that these Modere Trim before and after pictures are falsely advertising Modere Trim and its effectiveness.

The fine print at the bottom of the before and after pictures clearly state that eating a reduced-diet and regular exercise will help you lose weight. Nothing scientifically states that Modere Trim will help you achieve similar weight loss results.

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8. Does Modere Trim Work?

Modere Trim or “Liquid Gold” is a liquid collagen-based diet supplement that claims to help you block fat, lose weight, tone muscles, and restore healthy skin.

The ingredients in Modere Trim are highly ineffective to fulfill these claims. CLA is not an effective fat-burning ingredient, as well as Liquid Biocell for restoring skin and joint health. We are also skeptical of Modere Trim’s effectiveness because the ingredients are part of a proprietary blend.

Modere is also a multi-level marketing company that has a bad reputation for its practices and products as stated by Reddit users.

Would we recommend Modere Trim? Absolutely not.

The ingredients in Modere Trim do not seem to be effective for weight loss and fat burning. There are many negative customer reviews as well. The price for one bottle of Modere Trim is nearly $100, which is too expensive for a supplement that won’t do anything for you.

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