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Welcome to! This is a food and health resource website run by Carol Baker which aims to improve your overall eating habits and lifestyle, with one healthy idea at a time.

It is a place where you can learn more about:

  • Good Food – Great tasting and good for you! We give you full guides to better eating for healthier living.
  • Fun Exercise – A strong body is a happy body, get great tips and articles on how to get the most out of your training.
  • Healthy Living – Level up your lifestyle and with our posts on good habits for a better you.

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About Colorful Eats Nutrition (CEN)

Colorful Eats Nutrition was founded by Carol Baker to broadcast her findings, hints, tips and guides to all things food and healthy living. The site itself was started out of passion. After years of freelancing for numerous health blogs and website, Carol felt she should start her own resource to make her own mark in the industry.

She was really motivated by the amount of “foodies” on the internet. Carol also considers herself a foodie – but she noticed a lot of people “love food, but don’t know food” and are chasing flavor rather than nutritional value. She wanted to create a resource that facilitates both desires – good flavorsome food that is also good for you.

For further information, visit the About Me page to find out more about the author of the site, or get in touch via the contact page.

Who is Colorful Eats Nutrition (CEN)?

The person behind CEN is none other than nutrition researcher Carol Baker.

Carol Baker is a researcher in food and nutrition, and has written for several blogs and health websites across the internet. CEN is her website that she maintains and fills with content ideas that can help improve your overall experience when it comes to food, health and exercise.

You can read more about Carol’s background, why she started the site and more over on her bio page.

What will you find here?

By visiting the site, you will find a combination of articles that are aimed at improving your lifestyle, mainly with food. These can be anything from healthy recipes, to food facts, full guides on what to do with food during certain situations and events.

Not only that, we’ll also be covering various exercises and hobby guides that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. These topics tend to be in areas such as powerlifting, bouldering and roller derby.

Good Food on CEN

Everybody needs – but not everyone knows how to make it. We got the extra mile to supply you with articles, recipes and ideas about food. This could be anything from how to make the perfect acai berry bowl to which foods you should be eating to stay healthy during a global pandemic.

If it’s good for you, and consumable we want to know about it.

Fun Exercise on CEN

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore – it should be fun and engaging. In doing so, we focus on the sports, exercises and activities that we love most – as well as guides to how to perform the best at these activities.

This could be anything from stretches, to routines and general fitness articles.

Healthy Living on CEN

Finally, we discuss healthy living. These our typical guides to keeping fit and healthy and staying there. These may be activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine that is fun and easy to do.

Think about it like life maintained. This could be anything from the benefits of a morning walk, to the pros and cons of doing a weekly meal prep. It’s general healthy living that can make both your body and your schedule work better for you.

Where should you go next?

Want to look around the site? Be our guest. Why not start by getting to know the owner of our site Carol?

You can find out more details about our fearless leader and her journey to become the site-runner of CEN in the About Me page in the top menu.