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Best Overall: LeanBean Fat Burner For Women (Visit Here)

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Best Value: Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner (Visit Here)

You already know that trying to lose weight isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Eating a healthy diet and exercising is crucial to burn calories and shed fat. But maybe you need an extra boost to get the most results from all the hard dieting work you’re doing.

This is where fat burners come in. To be clear, fat burners aren’t a miracle fat loss pill, but a supplement to help your body do some extra work and make it easier to lose weight faster and better. There are also different ways that fat burners work depending on what you want it to do for you.

Here are the different ways fat burners can work:

  • Suppress your appetite – helps you eat less and feel full longer
  • Boost your metabolism – uses thermogenesis to burn more calories at rest
  • Decrease calories absorbed – blocks some food calories from being digested
  • Increase fat breakdown – promotes fat-burning hormones to oxidize more fat cells

With all the fat burners available in the supplement industry, it’s difficult to choose the best and most reliable one for you.

Here on, we review a lot of fat burner supplements. We do all of the difficult research work for you and give you only the best ones we could find on the market.

The Best Overall Fat Burner – LeanBean

Lean Bean Female Fat Burner

LeanBean Quick Summary

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Premium Fat-Burning Ingredients

Caffeine – Free

Great Customer Reviews

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Why We Like It

We’re huge fans of this fat burner because it contains a great blend of ingredients and an ample number of servings to support every aspect of your weight loss journey.

The key ingredient in LeanBean is Glucomannan, which is an effective and natural appetite suppressant from the Konjac Root. It’s so well-supported by research that it’s approved by the European Food Safety Authority to help you lose weight on a calorie-restricted diet. Glucomannan can definitely help you stop overeating and make you feel fuller longer.

Other great notable ingredients in LeanBean are Green Coffee Bean, Garcinia Cambogia, Tumeric, and Bioperine. These ingredients help induce fat loss in your body through thermogenesis, which is raising your metabolism to burn more calories while at rest. While Glucomannan helps you eat less, these ingredients will boost the fat-burning potential in your body and maximize your results.

Not only are the ingredients in LeanBean great for well-balanced fat shredding, but the number of servings is also incredible for weight loss.

Other fat burners may have you taking them once or twice a day. LeanBean gives you 3 servings per day to keep the fat-burning processes running inside your body all day long. So your body doesn’t quit burning fat during the day and you can reach your weight loss goals much faster.

If you want still feel unsure about LeanBean’s fat-burning capabilities, don’t worry because LeanBean has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any results within 3 months.

Also Note:

  • LeanBean isn’t available in stores or on Amazon. You can only buy the genuine product from the official website.
  • Drinking plenty of water is crucial to taking LeanBean. It helps make LeanBean easier to absorb and work better as an appetite suppressant.

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The Best Energy Fat Burner – Powher Cut

Powher Fat Burner Women

Powher Cut Quick Summary

Optimal Caffeine Boost, No Jitters

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Premium Fat-Burning Ingredients

Money-back Guarantee

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Why We Like It

Powher Cut gets the title of Best Energy Fat Burner because we love the extra boost of natural caffeine in their formula among the other fat-burning ingredients.

The main ingredient in Powher Cut is Konjac Fiber, which is a high-soluble fiber that can effectively suppress your appetite. It does this by mixing with the water in your stomach and turning into a gel-like substance that can make you feel full and prevent overeating. It can also delay stomach emptying and keep you feeling full longer.

Another ingredient we love in Powher Cut is the Natural Caffeine from Coffee Arabica. Other diet supplements may depend on synthetic and potent caffeine ingredients which can cause unwanted side effects like jitters and insomnia. Powher Cut really nailed the dosing of Natural Caffeine to give you all the fat-burning and energy-boosting benefits from caffeine with less risk of jitters.

While you’re suppressing your appetite with Konjac Fiber, the Natural Caffeine can increase your metabolism, burn more calories, and give you energy to power through your workout.

Other great points about Powher Cut are that it’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to keep you strong and healthy while you’re working on shredding fat, and it provides 3 servings daily for you to consistently burn fat through the day. There’s also a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not getting the results you want from Powher Cut.

Also Note:

  • Powher Cut isn’t available in-stores. It’s currently only available on their official Powher website.
  • The price is slightly higher than other fat burners on the market.

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The Best Value Fat Burner – Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner

Best Mens Fat Burner

SPORT Fat Burner Quick Summary

Optimized for Fasted Workouts

Research-backed Ingredients

Best for Muscle Gain and Weight Cut

Caffeine – Free

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Why We Like It

Performance Lab SPORT Fat burner is our top pick for the Best Value Fat Burner. It’s a more affordable option compared to other premium fat burners while giving you equally beneficial fat-burning effects.

Part of your weight loss regimen may include intermittent fasting to help you maintain a low-calorie count and take advantage of the boosted fat-burning during a fasted workout. However, fasted workouts can potentially decrease lean muscle mass.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner prevents this issue with its main ingredient, HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate). HMB is a great research-backed ingredient to promote muscle growth, boost your physical performance and endurance while training, and encourage your body to burn fat instead of your lean muscle.

The other ingredients in SPORT Fat Burner are formulated to work in conjunction with one another to help you get the most out of your weight loss. Forslean, or also known as Forskolin, supports your metabolism to breakdown more fat and increase lean muscle growth. Capsimax and BioPerine work together to increase nutrient absorption and induce thermogenesis for maximum fat-burning.

Performance Lab is so confident that their SPORT Fat Burner will work for you that they offer a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want.

If you’re serious about working out, gaining more lean muscle, and cutting weight, then Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is a good choice for you. It works especially well for individuals who do fasted training for maximum fat loss and muscle gain results.

Also Note:

  • It’s recommended to take SPORT Fat Burner once a day, before training.
  • Works better for individuals who train often at the gym

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Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Review

Summary: Our Recommendations

Best Overall:


– Our Score: 9.5/10

Best for… Price per Day Ingredients Avg. Rating
Appetite Suppressing
$2.00 9.7/10 ★★★★★

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Best Energy:

Powher Cut Reviews

Powher Cut
– Our Score: 9.3/10

Best for… Price per Day Ingredients Avg. Rating
$2.16 9.5/10 ★★★★★

Want to learn more about Powher Cut?
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Best Value:

Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Review

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner
– Our Score: 9.2/10

Best for… Price per Day Ingredients Avg. Rating
Fasted Workouts
$1.67 9.5/10 ★★★★★

Want to learn more about SPORT Fat Burner?
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How We Choose The Best Fat Burners

When we review fat burners on, there are key things we look for in each weight loss supplement.

We inspect and do our research on the following:

  • Ingredients
  • Dosing & Servings
  • Side Effects
  • Customer Reviews
  • The Manufacturer

With so many supplements out there on the market, we look at these criteria to help us determine if a supplement is effective and safe. Your health is important so it makes sense to find only the best supplements that will work with your lifestyle and won’t harm you in the long-run.

Effective Ingredients

It’s important to be aware of what ingredients are included in your supplement. Just like with eating food, you should know what is good and what is bad to put in your body.

If you’re checking out the label on supplements, you might come across a proprietary blend in the ingredients.

What is a proprietary blend? A proprietary blend is a mix of ingredients that get grouped together under a brand name with one dosage.

Why is a proprietary blend bad? Some supplement companies try to use proprietary blends in their supplements as a way to cut costs and make a profit. It allows them to use more or less of certain ingredients without having to disclose the amount on the label. They could potentially use more of a weak ingredient and less of a good ingredient in their proprietary blend.

So you could end up with an ineffective supplement and potential unwanted side effects because you didn’t know how much of those ingredients were in there.

Other than proprietary blends, you want to be sure that there are effective fat-burning ingredients in the weight loss supplement. Some supplements will only use one fat-burning ingredient with other less effective filler ingredients. If that ingredient is doing all the work, there’s very little chance that it is strong enough to give you the weight loss results you want.

Ingredients are important to look at with any supplement you’re taking. You don’t want to put your body at risk for any allergies or potential side effects.

Dosing & Servings

The dosing of the ingredients is just as crucial to the effectiveness of the supplement as the ingredients themselves.

Not only do you want effective and safe ingredients in your diet supplement, but you want the right amount of it to give you the benefits you’re looking for. Too little of an ingredient could render it useless and ineffective in your body. Too much of an ingredient could give you unwanted side effects that hurt more than they help you.

Some supplements could have great ingredients in their formula but it could be overshadowed by the higher doses of vitamins and minerals. This would essentially turn your weight loss supplement into an expensive multi-vitamin.

Supplement companies may also boast about a certain ingredient but they provide too little of that ingredient in their supplement to be effective.

Servings per day is also an important factor in how well a diet supplement works.

Your body is constantly working to process nutrients, and regulate your metabolism all day. If you take the supplement once or twice a day, chances are that the fat-burning effects of that supplement will wear off halfway through the day and your body will go back to normal.

With supplements that provide 3-4 servings per day, you’ll be continuously resupplying your body with ingredients that boost your metabolism and burn more fat. This will help you safely maximize your overall weight loss and get you to your goals faster.

Potential Side Effects

With all nutritional supplements, there are usually ingredient-related side effects. Though the label may not mention side effects, it’s important for you to be aware of potential side effects from the ingredients and blends used in the supplement.

The potential side effects of a supplement usually depend on your sensitivity to the ingredients and the dosages of those ingredients.

Caffeine is a common ingredient that can cause unwanted side effects in some people who are sensitive to caffeine. If a supplement uses synthetic caffeine or a large amount, it could cause jitters, headaches, and sleeplessness. You want just enough of the caffeine ingredient to give you energy and increase your metabolism without experiencing the side effects.

Proprietary blends have only one amount on supplement labels, despite having a list of ingredients included in it. This could cause potential side effects as you don’t know how much of each of the proprietary blend ingredients are being used.

Everybody has different sensitivities to different ingredients, so what one person experiences may not be the same for someone else.

If you experience mild side effects from a diet supplement, reduce your serving size. If the side effects are more severe, stop taking the supplement immediately and consult your doctor before continuing usage.

Customer Reviews

Before you try a weight loss supplement, you’ll want to know what other people thought of it and how it worked for them.

Nowadays, it’s very easy for companies to fake positive reviews and even hide negative reviews on retail websites. Not only that, but some companies also write false negative reviews on their competitors’ products to bring the competitor’s review rating down.

We would recommend being skeptical about every customer review you come across.

After reading hundreds of customer reviews about weight loss supplements, we’ve figured out how to tell the real reviews apart from the fake ones.

If you’re looking at reviews on Amazon, be sure to look at the ones that have the “Verified Purchase” tag. Users can only get that tag if they’ve actually purchased the product from Amazon.

If there are plenty of positive reviews with no “Verified Purchase” tag and their reviews are very short and vague, it may be a fake customer review. It could potentially be the supplement company trying to quickly boost their star rating by flooding the customer reviews with fake 5-star reviews with little to no description.

Be wary of negative customer reviews and what the customer is complaining about. Sometimes customers give the product a terrible rating simply because the shipping took too long for them or Amazon sent them the wrong product.

If a product has a similar pattern of negative reviews among most customers, chances are that those reviews really reflect the product and you should take that into consideration before you purchase.

Customer reviews can be helpful in aiding your decision to buy the diet supplement, but remember that everyone’s results may vary and it’s up to you to make the informed decision.

The Manufacturer

The manufacturer or where your weight loss supplement is manufactured may not be the first thing you consider when selecting a fat burner.

Some supplement manufacturers may seem like a legitimate company but actually have sneaky practices to make more profits that could potentially be harmful to you. This is why it’s important to do research on the manufacturer and their manufacturing practices.

Some supplement companies may offer free trials of their product, only to lock you into a monthly subscription service that is nearly impossible to cancel. This makes it easier for them to take money from you for a cheap product that likely doesn’t work.

A sign of a manufacturer that cares about its customers and believes in the quality of their supplement is if they offer a money-back guarantee. This shows that they are confident about the effectiveness of their fat burner, they are willing to give you all your money back if you don’t like it. They don’t need to offer a free trial because they believe their supplement will give you great results.

You should also take the manufacturing location and practices into consideration.

Good quality supplements are manufactured in facilities that are GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified. This means that every stage of the manufacturing process is up-to-date with regulations and assured of the best quality.

Supplement manufacturing facilities in the U.S. can also be FDA-registered, meaning that the facilities have to meet the safety standard of the Food and Drug Administration. This adds to the credibility of the manufacturer and the quality of the diet supplement.

Supplement companies that care about their customers would spend more money to assure that their products are made in quality facilities and that you are getting a premium supplement that will work for you.

How to Get The Best Results from Fat Burners

You want to use a fat burner to help you maximize your overall weight loss results but you don’t know how to get the most fat-burning benefits from it.

There are two ways to alter your lifestyle to get the best results from fat burners:

  • Start eating a healthy, calorie-restricted diet
  • Introduce moderate exercise throughout the week

The absolute truth about losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume and these two methods, supplemented with an effective fat burner, will help you get the most from your weight loss journey.

Eat a Healthy, Calorie-Restricted Diet

There are a lot of diet trends nowadays and sometimes it can be confusing about what is okay and not okay to eat. Whichever diet trend you plan to utilize, the golden rule still stands: burn more calories than you consume. This rule is also known as “calories in versus calories out.”

Your body is always burning calories to create energy for your body to function normally. This is why we need to consume calories, to provide energy for our bodies to use. When your body gets enough calories to function, the extra calories or energy is stored as fat to be used in the future.

So when you consistently eat more calories than your body needs, those excess calories get turned into fat and result in weight gain.

If you want to lose weight, it makes sense to eat fewer calories than your body needs because then your body will switch over to burning the excess fat storage for energy instead. Eating at a calorie-deficit consistently will result in fat loss and a reduction in weight.

While eating fewer calories means that you can eat a low-carb or keto diet, it’s important to make sure you’re eating nutrient-dense food.

Consuming nutrient-dense food ensures that you are providing enough essential vitamins and minerals for your body to maintain and regulate your hormones, metabolism and bodily systems that help you stay alive and healthy.

Eating a calorie-restricted diet of processed junk food and sugary substances might make you lose weight, but you may feel sluggish and tired from the lack of nutrients. Be aware that processed food that is high in sugar contains many more calories than they seem. It may even lead you to feel hungrier and cause you to overeat, resulting in weight gain.

Choosing nutrient-dense food will help you feel fuller with fewer calories, while still giving you all the nutrients that your body needs.

It may take time for your body to adjust to eating fewer calories, so we would recommend starting with a 200 calorie deficit, and then increasing the calorie deficit as you become more adjusted. Eating more nutrient-dense food will help make eating at a calorie restriction much easier.

Get More Moderate Exercise

Easier said than done, getting more exercise can be a challenge for some people. We tend to make excuses like we’re too tired or busy and it’s too expensive to exercise. There’s actually plenty of free ways to get more exercise in your day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

The main reason for exercising for some people may be to lose weight and exercising is a good way to burn more calories to do so.

Anything the expends energy and calories counts as exercise and it can be as simple as going on a walk or biking every day for 30 minutes. You can take yoga classes or salsa lessons to get you moving with other people and keep yourself accountable.

It also doesn’t matter what workout or exercise you do to burn calories. The important thing is that you enjoy the exercise and are willing to keep doing it consistently. If you don’t like running and you try to force yourself to run at 5 am, then you’re more likely to talk yourself out of running and stop exercising.

Studies show that you should try to get at least 200 minutes (more than 3 hours) of moderate exercise a week to lose weight. This equals to about half an hour of exercise a day.

Losing weight won’t happen instantly so don’t think that overworking yourself quickly will make the fat disappear. As long as you are enjoying the exercise, it’ll feel easy for you to lose weight in the long run.

Getting the Best Results from Fat Burners | Summary

Fat burners can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, increase fat breakdown, and decrease calorie absorption.

While eating a calorie-restricted diet and getting more exercise can help you lose weight, combining these healthy habits with a fat burner can maximize your fat loss and help you get weight loss results quicker.

The fat burner can help suppress your appetite so you stick to your calorie restriction, while other fat-burning ingredients optimize your body to burn more calories at rest and while you exercise.

If you want that extra boost in your weight loss journey, we would definitely recommend taking a fat burner along with a healthy diet and exercise to break through your weight plateau and start shredding fat faster.