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Performance Lab Sleep Review: Does it Really Work?

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Could Performance Lab Sleep be the best sleep aid on the market?

Getting to sleep quickly sounds easy but for some, it can be a difficult challenge. Many people turn to the aid of sleep supplements to help them relax and fall asleep faster.

With so many to choose from, how do you know which is the best sleep aid for you?

This is where Performance Lab Sleep comes in. According to the Performance Lab official website, their sleep supplement uses clinically-proven natural ingredients to help you:

  • Fall asleep much faster – relax your mind and soothe active muscles
  • Stop waking up at night – no more tossing and turning and feeling restless
  • Feel refreshed and re-energized – wake up without feeling groggy and drowsy

Performance Lab Sleep also uses prebiotic Nutricaps to encapsulate their all-natural, allergen-free, vegan-friendly formula for better nutrient absorption into your body.

So could this really be the best sleep supplement on the market?

In this Performance Lab Sleep Review, we’ll be checking out all the ingredients, safety, and giving our real review of this sleep aid.

Performance Lab Sleep Ingredients

Performance Lab® Sleep Ingredients

The ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep are the following:

  • 500 mg CherryPURE® (Montmorency Tart Cherry)
  • 250 mg TryptoPure® (L-Tryptophan)
  • 100 mg Magnesium+ (Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Taurate, NutriGenesis® Magnesium)

We’ll go more in-depth on what each of these ingredients is and how they can help solve all your sleep problems.

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Montmorency Tart Cherry (CherryPURE®)

Also known as sour cherries, these tart cherries provide a number of health benefits that differentiate them from sweet cherries.

Montmorency Tart Cherries contain natural melatonin which is also a hormone that promotes sleepiness.

Your body’s pineal gland produces its own melatonin but certain factors can deter melatonin production for sleep, which leads to difficulty sleeping and sleep disorders.

Why use natural melatonin from Montmorency Tart Cherry? Plenty of sleep supplements on the market use synthetic melatonin in their products which will definitely make you fall asleep but could cause grogginess and mental fog the next day.

Research shows that your body only needs the lowest dose of melatonin to gain sleep benefits with minimal side effects.

With a natural source of melatonin from Montmorency Tart Cherry, you ensure you get a safe and low dose of melatonin without risk of unwanted side effects.

Montmorency Tart Cherry reviews as a clinically-proven option to reduce sleep onset time and improve sleep duration.

This is a great ingredient in Performance Lab Sleep because natural melatonin is much safer for daily use and will greatly improve sleep performance.

We don’t see it a lot in our reviews, it’s surprising that more sleep supplements don’t use this option.

L -Tryptophan (TryptoPure®)

L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that is used by your body to create proteins and other important molecular structures.

The Tryptophan amino acid can convert into a molecule called 5-HTP, which can then be used to produce serotonin and melatonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that can help with improving mood and relaxation, helping you feel less anxiety and stress before you sleep. L-Tryptophan can also convert into melatonin in the gastrointestinal tract while also boosting the pineal gland’s melatonin production.

Study reviews show that supplementing with Tryptophan improves sleep quality, mood, and cognition.

Performance Lab Sleep uses TryptoPure, which is a 250 mg L-Tryptophan form derived from fermented non-GMO vegetables.

This is a great ingredient in Performance Lab Sleep because it aids in boosting your mood and cognition during the day while also providing relaxation and sleep benefits at night.

Performance Lab Sleep Reddit

Magnesium (Magnesium+)

Magnesium is a dietary mineral that plays an important role in the bio-activities in our bodies, especially sleep.

Research reviews magnesium deficiency as something that can lead to a rise in blood pressure, a reduction in insulin sensitivity, and potential sleep problems.

Magnesium is crucial for sleep support because it helps calms hyperactive nerve impulses and allows for muscle relaxation before sleep onset.

This mineral can also reduce the number of involuntary muscle twitches and limb movements during sleep, so you get a restful, uninterrupted sleep through the night.

The problem with a lot of Magnesium supplements is its low bioavailability. This means that even though you take a Magnesium supplement, the nutrients in the supplement may not be fully absorbed and utilized in your body. You could be losing out on all the benefits of Magnesium with a low-quality supplement.

However, with Performance Lab Sleep, Magnesium+ contains 3 different advanced types: Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Taurate, and NutriGenesis Magnesium (100 mg total dose). This is to maximize Magnesium bioavailability to ensure that you get the best sleep support from this important dietary mineral.

Magnesium+ is an exceptional ingredient in Performance Lab Sleep because of its high bioavailability of a crucial dietary mineral and its muscle and nerve-relaxing benefits to give you the best night’s sleep.

Sleep Ingredients Summary

Here are some of the things we liked most about Performance Lab Sleep ingredients:

  1. Complete relaxation and calming benefits – Magnesium ease nerve impulses and soothes muscles, along with L-Tryptophan to help you elevate mood and relaxation before bed.
  2. Best melatonin support – Montmorency Tart Cherry provides natural melatonin and L-Tryptophan aids melatonin synthesis for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Good dietary supplementation – There are 3 premium forms of Magnesium to provide the optimum absorption of the nutrient in your body to ensure the best benefits.

Overall, the ingredients in this Performance Lab Sleep supplement is excellent for boosting mood and cognition, improving relaxation, and supporting better sleep onset and duration.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients in this sleep aid you can check out the Performance Lab website in the link below:

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Performance Lab Sleep Amazon

Our Honest Review of Performance Lab Sleep

As someone who has a family history of insomnia and frequently find myself unable to sleep at night, I jumped on the opportunity to try out and review Performance Lab Sleep.

My current sleep problems include difficulty falling asleep, disrupted slumber, grogginess, and brain fog from sleep deprivation.

However, these are not so serious that I would need to see a doctor for medical advice. I just need to search for a way to get healthy sleep with over the counter sleep aids.

In my reviews, I find that a lot of other sleep supplements on the market use a high dose of melatonin and synthetic additives to help people fall asleep. But studies show that you only need to take the lowest dose of melatonin for a night of restful, deep sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep is a natural sleep aid meaning that it doesn’t use the same synthetic melatonin as other sleep aids and it is less likely to have unwanted side effects.

I was really interested in seeing how the natural melatonin from the Montmorency Tart Cherry would help me with my sleep problems.

According to the label, the recommended amount is two capsules, approximately 45-60 minutes before bed. If you’re having especially difficult sleep issues, 4 capsules are effective for getting restful sleep.

I started off with 2 pills and figured I could increase the amount if I felt like it wasn’t effective enough. This sleep supplement is all-natural and safe for daily use so I wasn’t worried at all about taking up to 4 capsules in one night if needed.

Did Performance Lab Sleep actually work?

Overall, there was a huge improvement in my sleep quality already after the first few days.

I felt like I was able to fall asleep much faster than usual and actually stay asleep through the night. It was so crazy to me how good I slept that I woke up surprised. It felt like I “blinked” and woke up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

I can’t remember the last time I slept so peacefully through the night without feeling exhausted the next morning. It’s a pretty big deal for me to be able to get quality sleep since I’ve struggled with it for years.

Here are a few things that I really liked about Performance Lab Sleep based on my real experience with it:

  1. Better relaxation before bed – I could feel the relaxation and stress-soothing benefits within the hour after taking it, helping me feel sleepy and calm.
  2. Peaceful sleep – I felt like I was able to have a longer and more restful sleep without waking up periodically through the night.
  3. No grogginess or daytime drowsiness – I didn’t feel any of the drowsiness or grogginess that sometimes occur when taking a sleep supplement.
  4. All-natural sleep aid – Performance Lab opts for premium natural ingredients and avoids harmful synthetic ingredients.
  5. No proprietary blend – The Performance Lab Sleep ingredient list is only 3 simple, high-quality ingredients without any strange and questionable blends.

Would I personally recommend Performance Lab Sleep? Yes, I definitely would.

Generic, low-quality sleep supplements aren’t worth it for me anymore. You need a high-quality, natural sleep product with premium ingredients to ease your sleep troubles.

If you’re someone who struggles with getting a good night’s sleep as I did or just want to start sleeping better, I would highly recommend using Performance Lab Sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep Side Effects

Is it Safe to Use?: Potential Performance Lab Sleep Side Effects

Yes, Performance Lab Sleep is safe to use daily and consistently.

Note that there have been no reported side effects of taking Performance Lab Sleep from users.

Along with being an all-natural sleep aid, the formula is also:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • GMP Certified
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Synthetic additive-free
  • Caffeine-free
  • Non-GMO

Each ingredient is clinically proven to provide the best sleep support and carefully dosed. For best results, the label recommends taking this sleep supplement daily and consistently.

If you want to start having better sleep quality and energy, Performance Lab Sleep is the best choice for a high-quality sleep aid that minimizes the risk of side effects.

Performance Lab Sleep

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Performance Lab Sleep Review Summary – Should you buy it?

Performance Lab Sleep contains premium ingredients to help you relax, ease your mind, and get the best sleep you’ve always wanted

All the ingredients are well-dosed, natural, and high-quality to ensure that you get a much better quality of sleep and feel re-energized in the morning.

It’s safe to use daily and consistently, thanks to the natural melatonin from Montmorency Tart Cherry. You won’t feel the drowsy, grogginess effects often experienced from cheap synthetic melatonin found in most other sleep aids.

Other ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep like Magnesium and L-Tryptophan are clinically proven to provide safe and effective sleep support. They work together to help you ease overactive nerves and muscles so you can achieve relaxation and slip easily into sleep.

These two ingredients also aid in better mood and cognition as well.

The company provides worldwide shipping and a wide range of other health supplements like nootropics that work together with this sleep supplement.

There are plenty of positive customer reviews that claim Performance Lab Sleep has helped them relax more and get the best night’s sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep is well worth its value for the effective sleep and relaxation benefits you can get from a natural sleep supplement.

How much does Performance Lab Sleep cost?

Performance Lab Sleep currently retails for $39.00 a bottle, which works out roughly at $1.30 a day – less my morning coffee.

However, when I bought Sleep, I went for the 3 months supply for $117.00. This gives you four boxes instead of three. It works out at $29.25 a bottle instead of $39.00 and is even cheaper at $0.98 a day.

Not only that, shipping and handling is included – and the whole package is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

It also stacks well other products on the Performance Lab range like Mind which is a nootropic which can help to improve your cognitive performance throughout the day.

Our Best Sleep Aid Recommendation

I’ve looked around at the sleep supplement market and read a lot of customer reviews.

The most common complaint from these reviews is that some are full of synthetic melatonin and cause drowsiness the next day. However, we have found one sleep supplement that combats this issue and is our best sleep aid recommendation:

Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep Reviews

This is our pick for the best sleep supplement recommendation based on ours and other customer reviews.

Why did we choose Performance Lab Sleep?

All of the ingredients are premium-quality and clinically proven for sleep support. Not only do you get supplementation of natural melatonin, but you also get maximum relaxation and mood improvement to further support a better night’s sleep.

It’s an all-natural and effective solution for those who want to improve their quality of sleep and feel well-rested in the morning.

For these exceptional benefits and effectiveness, Performance Lab Sleep is a natural sleep aid that’s well worth its value on the market.

Check out the link below if you want to learn more about it:

Visit the Performance Lab site


Our #1 Recommended:
Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep
Out of all the sleep aids we've reviewed so far, Performance Lab Sleep is definitely the best option we've come across at the moment.With all natural ingredients, generous dosages, and contain natural melatonin (unlike most brands!), it's by far one of the most impressive options on the market for a better night's sleep.

It works well for helping:

  • Deeper Sleep
  • Longer Sleep
  • Reduce unwanted wakeups overnight
  • Waking up feeling refreshed in the morning

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