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MealEnders Reviews: Does This Shark Tank Lozenge Work?

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MealEnders Summary

The ingredients in MealEnders are very similar to candy. The main ingredient that helps with cravings is a chemical blend that gives you a cool and tingly sensation similar to eating a mint. There is no recommended serving but the price is expensive for a pack if you go through them fast. There are negative customer reviews claiming that it doesn’t taste good or it doesn’t help them stop snacking.

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MealEnders Reviews | What are MealEnders?

As seen on the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” MealEnders signaling lozenges claim to stop you from overeating, master portion control, and curb your cravings.

MealEnders are only 15 calories each and come in four flavors: cinnamon, mocha, citrus, and chocolate mint.

These clinically validated MealEnders signaling lozenges from Shark Tank claim to be able to:

  • Break your overeating and binging habit
  • Curb your cravings
  • Help you portion control

Mealenders Review

But will Shark Tank MealEnders signaling lozenges work for you?

In this MealEnders review, we go in-depth and check out the MealEnders ingredients, side effects, where to buy MealEnders, and more.

How Do MealEnders Work?

It typically takes 20-minutes for your digestive system to signal your brain that you are full while you are eating. As a result, people tend to continue eating to stop feeling hungry despite actually eating enough to be full. In order to prevent overeating, MealEnders is meant to help satisfy the hungry feeling until your brain receives the signal from your digestive system.

MealEnders Ingredients Overview

MealEnders is drug-free and stimulant-free with each of the four flavors of MealEnders having a different list of ingredients. But the overall formula of the Mealenders are similar but it seems like the key to MealEnders antidote to overeating is their Actissert blend.

Mealenders Ingredients

What are the ingredients in MealEnders?

The ingredients in MealEnders are:

  • Flavored Confectionery Coating (different for each MealEnders flavor)
  • Corn Syrup
  • Sugar
  • Palm Oil
  • Citric Acid (only in Citrus and Cinnamon MealEnders flavors)
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors (Actissert Blend)

What is Actissert Blend?

The Actissert Blend is found in the inner core of MealEnders signaling lozenges. Actissert or “active dessert” is MealEnders proprietary flavor blend. MealEnders claim that it is formulated to clear the palate and provide cooling and tingling sensations. This helps users slow down and be mindful of their eating.

MealEnders Actissert Blend claims that it is formulated from “natural and artificial flavors”. Natural and artificial flavors both contain chemicals.

Natural flavors don’t mean it is “all-natural”. It can come from anything that can be eaten, like animals and vegetables, even if those things are processed in a lab.

Artificial flavors come from anything inedible, like petroleum, to create chemicals for food flavorings.

It is not clear what the MealEnders Actissert Blend is besides a blend of chemicals. All we know is that it provides a cooling and tingling sensation when consumed that creates a sensory experience to help you stop eating, similar to consuming an after-dinner mint.

Mealenders Side Effects

MealEnders Side Effects

Some users of MealEnders have stated feeling thirsty after using MealEnders, according to the official MealEnders website.

Looking through the MealEnders Amazon product reviews, most users don’t state any side effects they encounter with MealEnders.

Generally, there should not be any side effects with MealEnders because the MealEnders ingredients are similar to candy. If you have any allergies or concerns, please check the label before purchasing MealEnders.

MealEnders – Where To Buy

You can buy MealEnders signaling lozenges from the official MealEnders website for $16.95 a pack.

MealEnders Shark Tank product can also be purchased from Walmart or the MealEnders Amazon page for $30.99 for a two-pack (price at the time of review).

MealEnders is not available for purchase at Target or local drugstore chains.

MealEnders Coupon Code

There is currently no official MealEnders Coupon Code available for use.

MealEnders Free Sample

MealEnders ran a promotion for a free sample of the MealEnders Shark Tank product in 2015. Currently, there are no active campaigns for a MealEnders Free Sample.

How do you use MealEnders?

You can use MealEnders regularly while you eat to prevent overeating or in-between meals to curb cravings or snacking. MealEnders can even be used to replace a high-calorie dessert.

Mealenders Shark Tank

MealEnders Shark Tank Episode

MealEnders was seen on Shark Tank episode 19 of Shark Tank season 8. The Sharks were initially impressed with the MealEnders signaling lozenge but turned it away because of the flavor and lack of profits in the business.

MealEnders After Shark Tank

After MealEnders appeared on Shark Tank, MealEnders revenue shot up dramatically. There were 15,000 new orders of MealEnders, generating over $400,000 in sales over three days.

MealEnders Reddit

On the topic of “MealEnders” on the popular website Reddit, there are few comments from Reddit users about MealEnders ineffectiveness.

One Reddit user stated they would not be purchasing MealEnders again after trying it, saying it only worked well enough if you are disciplined to eat them. The user said they preferred to reach for something else like a pickle slice, or an olive to prevent sweet cravings.

Few other Reddit users commented that the price of MealEnders didn’t justify what it does and that most people would be better off brushing their teeth or having a cheap sugarless mint instead.

MealEnders Amazon Reviews

Let’s take a look at a few MealEnders Amazon Reviews and see what Amazon users had to say about the MealEnders signaling lozenge. We will be looking at “Verified Purchases” reviews to avoid potential fake Amazon reviews.

Mealenders Where to Buy

“I had to wonder how well this would work. One little candy that would shut up the hungry monster in my brain? Didn’t think it possible but it worked. Can’t say I’m crazy about the flavor but maybe that’s part of the reason it works.”

This Amazon user was skeptical about MealEnders effectiveness, but it seemed to have worked for them. However, they did have an issue with the flavor of MealEnders.

Mealenders Amazon Reviews

“this is the second time I am giving these a try. The first time, I couldn’t tell that they did anything, other than make my tongue tingle. I had the first one of these tonight – and went out to dinner. I didn’t see that my appetite was decreased, but the night is when I have the most issues. So, if they help me get through the night without eating, I will be okay with them. update: no, they haven’t helped.”

This Amazon user is a Top 1000 Reviewer and they also stated that this was their second time purchasing MealEnders. It didn’t seem to work for them the first time, so they tried it again a second time with no luck.

Mealenders Amazon

“This product had a pleasant tasting chocolate coating similar to the taste of a tootsy roll – but not chewy. Once that coating is dissolved, there is a mint candy that becomes stronger as it dissolves. It has a an almost harsh mint flavor towards the end. It kind of numbs your tongue a little for a few minutes. But it does NOT curb your appetite or make it difficult to eat something after eating the candy.”

This Amazon reviewer didn’t have a problem with the flavor but states that it did not curb their appetite at all.

Overall, the MealEnder Amazon reviews were mixed, with a lot of users praising MealEnders ability to curb their cravings and others complaining that it did not.

Mealenders Reviews

Shark Tank MealEnders Review | Does MealEnders Work?

Made popular from its appearance on Shark Tank, MealEnders signaling lozenge is a solution to help you stop overeating, curb your cravings, and eventually help you learn to portion control and lose weight.

We found that MealEnders is very similar to any other mint or candy. Its main feature is its unique MealEnders Actissert Blend, which can only be described as natural and artificial flavors that give a cooling and tingling sensation to trigger your brain to stop eating.

MealEnders reviews from Reddit and Amazon have stated that MealEnders is pricey, has a terrible taste, and is ineffective at suppressing their appetite.

Would we recommend MealEnders? No, we wouldn’t.

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, then MealEnders signaling lozenges will do little to help you.

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