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Powher Sleep Review: This Powerful Sleep Aid is Insane

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Powher Sleep Quick Summary

Powher Sleep contains simple, all-natural ingredients at the right doses to help you feel less stressed and relaxed before quickly drifting off to sleep. There are no major side effects and it will help you have a better quality of sleep in the night so you can feel energized to power through the day.

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Powher Sleep Review | Powher Down

Powher Sleep Support for Women, or also known as Powher Down, is a sleep aid supplement made to help you get a better night-time experience and reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep in bed.

Our quality of sleep every night affects our performance during the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep or have poor sleep at night, you won’t have enough energy or optimum brain function to power through the day.

There are a lot of powder sleep aids and pills that don’t control their dosing and will actually make you feel drowsy and groggy when you wake up.

Powher Sleep is different in that it claims to have optimal dosing with all-natural ingredients and low-stimulants. It works with your body to help you feel relaxed and ready for sleep.

Powher Sleep claims to help you do the following:

  • Get more beauty sleep – stop waking up during nighttime
  • Feel blissfully relaxed – drift off into sleep more easily
  • No more tossing and turning – feel more refreshed when you wake

Could Powher Sleep help you relax and get a better night’s sleep?

In this Powher Sleep review, we talk about all the ingredients, side effects, and benefits of this powerful sleep aid.

Powher Sleep Ingredients

Powher Sleep Ingredients

Powher Sleep ingredients include:

  • Magnesium
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Melatonin
  • Chamomile

Let’s take a look at what these ingredients do and how they can help you power down and start sleeping better.


Melatonin is a hormone that your brain secretes to help you fall asleep and keep you sleeping.

When you are exposed to light, it prevents your brain from producing melatonin. Too much artificial light can prevent your body from making enough melatonin to help you sleep. This explains why it’s better and easier for you to fall asleep in dark spaces.

Melatonin is commonly used as a sleep supplement to help people regulate their sleep patterns. This ingredient is approved by the European Food Safety Authority to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to sleep.

Studies show that doses of melatonin between 0.5 mg and 1 mg are enough to improve your sleep.

This is a great ingredient to have in Powher Sleep because it’s an EFSA-approved ingredient that will help you achieve a better quality of sleep.


Magnesium is a dietary mineral that is commonly deficient in many people in developed countries. It plays a big role in many of your bodily processes.

A magnesium deficiency can cause an increase in blood pressure, reduce insulin sensitivity, and neural excitation.

Having enough magnesium helps improve your mood and promote the normal function of the nervous system. Research shows that magnesium has effectively improved sleep quality for people who had poor sleep.

Powher Down sleep supplement contains two types of Magnesium (Taurate & Glycinate) that have better absorption in the brain to give you the most power from this ingredient.

Powher Sleep Side Effects

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L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is very important because it aids the body in producing proteins and brain-signaling chemicals.

This amino acid gets turned into the chemical serotonin in your brain. The main role of serotonin is to help regulate your mood and sleep cycles.

Your body can’t produce L-Tryptophan naturally. You can get this amino acid from food, however, research has shown that using L-tryptophan supplements can effectively raise serotonin levels.

This is a great Powher Sleep ingredient to help you regulate your sleep cycles and feel more refreshed and energized in the morning to power through the day.


Chamomile is an herb that has been traditionally used for medical remedies and tea.

Some benefits of Chamomile include lowering blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and aiding sleep and relaxation.

Chamomile contains an antioxidant called Apigenin that can bind to certain brain receptors to help you relax, reduce anxiety, and fall asleep.

This ingredient is excellent for Powher Sleep Support supplement to help you experience powerful relaxation and drift off to sleep faster in bed.

Powher Sleep Ingredients Summary

Here’s what you need to know about Powher Sleep ingredients:

  1. Melatonin can reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep in bed.
  2. Magnesium can keep you sleeping throughout the night so you feel powerful in the morning.
  3. L-Tryptophan can improve your mood and help you have a deeper and more restful sleep.
  4. Chamomile can help you feel more relaxed before bed and sleep longer and better.

Want to know more about ingredients in Powher Sleep and how they all work? Visit their website in the link below:
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Powher Sleep

Powher Sleep Side Effects

There are no side effects listed on the Powher Sleep label. However, with all nutritional supplements, there may be some ingredient-related side effects.

Here is the list of potential ingredient-related side effects of Powher Sleep:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness

To get the most power out of Powher Sleep Support, take two capsules with a glass of water 30 minutes before bed. You should also lay down laterally and close your eyes so your body can start feeling sleepy.

This product is also easier to take in capsule form than other sleep aid powders that have to be dissolved in water.

Powher Sleep Aid is a sleep aid supplement so it is not recommended to take Powher Down in the daytime or drive and operate machinery four to five hours after taking it.

If you have any allergies or medical conditions, consult your doctor before you take Powher Sleep.

Powher Sleep Benefits To Power Down

Sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise when it comes to keeping our bodies happy and healthy.

It makes sense that we should prioritize getting better sleep to help us have enough energy to power through our days. According to the Powher website, these benefits are evidence-backed and are supported by studies on sleep.

Powher Sleep Support for Women can be beneficial to you by:

  • Getting you to fall asleep faster
  • Stop you from feeling sluggish and sleepy from jet lag
  • Support your regular psychological functions
  • Helping the normal function of your nervous system

Find out more about how Powher Sleep can help you sleep better and feel better. Check out their website in the link below:
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Powher Sleep Benefits

Where To Buy Powher Sleep

You can only buy Powher Sleep Support for Women from the official Powher website.

Powher isn’t sold on Amazon so be aware of false Powher products on Amazon claiming to be the official one.

Powher provides worldwide shipping so you can get your Powher order to wherever you are.

Powher Sleep offers different deals and discounts on orders such as:

  • 1 Bottle of Powher Sleep = $40.00
  • 2 Bottles of Powher Sleep + Free Shipping in the USA & UK = $80.00 (You save $8.00)
  • [Ultimate Powher Sleep Pack] 3 Bottles of Powher Sleep + 1 Free Bottle + Free Worldwide Shipping = $120.00 (You save $48.00)

Powher also offers a special bundle called the Ultimate Powher Pack that includes Powher Sleep, Powher Fat Burner, and Powher Pre Workout powder for $149 with free worldwide shipping.

According to the official website, Powher also has a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Powher product, you will get your money back.

Powher Sleep Power

This shows how confident Powher is about the quality and effectiveness of their powerful products. If you’re dreaming about getting a better body and having better health, that dream is not too far away with Powher.

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Powher Sleep Reviews | Sleep Support Summary

Powher Sleep Support for Women, or Powher Down, is a sleep aid supplement that claims to help you fall asleep faster in bed, keep you sleeping peacefully through the night, and give you better quality of sleep when you wake up the next morning.

The ingredients in Powher Sleep are all research-backed, natural, ingredients that will help you relax, improve your mood, and help you sleep better.

There doesn’t seem to be any major side effects with Powher Sleep and the ingredients are safe and effective at these amounts.

Would we recommend Powher Sleep? Yes, we would.

If you want to take back the power to sleep peacefully and feel more energized in the morning, then we recommend Powher Sleep to help you stop tossing and turning and sleep more soundly through the night.

Find out more about how you can get start getting better sleep and feeling more energized with Powher Sleep. Visit their website in the link below:
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Powher Sleep Review