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Powher Cut Reviews – Is Powher Fat Burner for Women Legit?

Powher Cut (by Ultimate Life)




Side Effects


Core Nutrients



  • Contains Glucomannan (appetite suppressant)
  • Good amount of servings
  • Decent dose of Caffeine
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Premium price

Powher Cut Quick Summary

Powher Cut has a great blend of fat-burning ingredients, especially Konjac Root, which will help you naturally suppress your appetite and shred fat faster. It has no major side effects, a decent amount of servings, and plenty of excellent customer reviews.

If you want to trim down your waistline and lose all your stubborn fat, check out Powher’s official site here.

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Powher Fat Burner for Women Review – Powher Cut

Powher Cut or also known as Powher Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that claims to:

  • Get that bikini body in time for summer – maximize your weight loss
  • Eat what you want and still get lean – suppress your appetite
  • Get the most from your gym sessions – boost your metabolism and burn more calories

The official Powher website states that their all-natural formula is designed to fire-up your shredding goals. Their clinically proven system includes better dosing and more servings than other products out there.

In this Powher Cut review, We go more in-depth about Powher Cut ingredients, side effects, and a real review from one of our editors who tried it.

Powher Cut Ingredients

Powher Cut Ingredients

Here’s the full list of ingredients in Powher Fat Burner for Women:

  • Konjac Root (3000 mg)
  • Selenium (146mg)
  • Chromium (120mg)
  • Natural Caffeine (100mg)
  • Magnesium (100mg)
  • Choline (90mg)
  • Iron (18mg)

Let’s look closer and see what these ingredients do and how they can help you burn fat and shrink that waistline.

Konjac Root

Originating from the Konjac plant found in Asia, Konjac root contains a high-soluble fiber called Glucomannan.

When mixed with water, Glucomannan dissolves and expands into a gel-like substance in your stomach to give you a full feeling and stop you from overeating during your next meal.

Glucomannan is a natural appetite suppressant that has been approved for weight loss by the European Food Safety authority when used with a calorie-restricted diet.

Another benefit of Glucomannan is that it delays stomach emptying to keep you feeling full longer. You can fight off snacking and cravings naturally while still eating fewer calories.

This is a great main ingredient in Powher Fat Burner to help you naturally suppress your appetite so you can get maximize your weight loss results.


Selenium is an essential mineral that contains antioxidants to help regulate metabolism and thyroid function.

The thyroid gland plays an important role in the body by secreting hormones that help with appetite, nutrient absorption, and fat breakdown.

It may also help boost your immune system and reduce your risk of heart disease.

This is a good ingredient to have in Powher Cut to help you be your healthiest and get strong.


Chromium is an essential mineral that helps regulate insulin in the body.

With an adequate amount of Chromium, insulin plays an important role in processing carbs, fat, and proteins.

Some studies have shown that Chromium may be able to reduce hunger, cravings, and binge eating.

Overall, Chromium is a good ingredient to include in Powher Fat Burner to keep your body healthy.

Powher Review

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Natural Caffeine

The Natural Caffeine found in Powher Cut is from Coffee Arabica.

Caffeine can boost your metabolism to help your burn more calories whether you’re exercising or just going about your day.

Other benefits of Caffeine is that it can increase your energy to help you train harder and improve your alertness and concentration.

This is a great Powher ingredient with a lot of benefits and just the right dosing so you don’t get unwanted side effects.


Magnesium is an important dietary mineral that is often deficient in more women than men.

Athletes use Magnesium supplements to reduce fatigue and tiredness as well as electrolyte balance and protein synthesis.

This is a good ingredient to include in Powher Fat Burner because extra magnesium supplementation is important for you to stay healthy and strong.


Choline is a nutrient that helps with digestion and absorption of dietary fat by contributing to normal lipid (fat) metabolism.

It can reduce fatty liver buildup and help the breakdown of fats to give you extra energy and burn fat better.

This is a good Powher Cut ingredient to help you maintain your overall health and wellness.


Iron helps regulate your immune system by transporting and storing oxygen in the body.

Women are more susceptible to iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia and extreme fatigue.

This is a great ingredient to include in Powher Fat Burner to make sure you’re getting enough of the nutrients your body needs.

Powher Fat Burner Ingredients Summary

Here’s what you need to know about the ingredients in Powher Cut:

  1. Glucomannan is an effective and natural appetite suppressant to help you stop snacking and overeating.
  2. Good dosing of Natural Caffeine so you get all the fat-burning benefits and less of the side effects.
  3. Various essential minerals and nutrients to help keep your body healthy and strong while you’re shredding fat.

Want to know more about Powher Cut’s ingredients and how they all work? You can visit their website in the link below:
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Powher Side Effects

Powher Side Effects

There are no side effects reported for Powher Cut or Powher Fat Burner for Women. All of the ingredients in the formula should be safe at those doses.

To get the maximum benefits from Powher, make sure you take the capsules as directed with at least one glass of water. Glucomannan requires a decent amount of water to give you the full appetite-suppressing effects.

Powher is safe and manufactured according to GMP standards in FDA approved and registered facilities.

How to Use Powher

Take 2 capsules with 1 to 2 glasses of water, 3 times a day.

Have each serving right before breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get the best results.

Where To Buy Powher Cut Female Fat Burner

You can buy Powher Fat Burner for Women directly from the Powher official website. They ship worldwide and have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can buy Powher Cut with Paypal or your Amazon account.

Powher Amazon

Powher is not sold on Amazon so be aware of fakes on Amazon claiming to be the real product. You can only buy Powher Fat Burner from its official website.

Powher Fat Burner Reviews

Powher Real Customer Reviews

Here are a couple of customer reviews from the official Powher Website. All the reviews and review ratings on the Powher website are sent in by real customers.

Powher Real Reviews

“Keep me energized. Great product!”

Serita T. also praises Powher for being able to keep her energized. Powher doesn’t use synthetic caffeine in their formula so there’s less of a potential for unwanted caffeine side effects.

Powher Customer Reviews

“Love this stuff the taste is great and gives you the push without the jitters…hard not to use it as my coffee too.”

Amber A. really likes the extra energy boost that Powher provides without the jitters and other side effects that you get with caffeine. She also states that she doesn’t need to have coffee either because Powher is just enough to give her energy.

Read more Powher Cut success stories and see real customer results on the official site below:
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Powher Cut Honest Review

I’m Carol Baker, an editor at colorfuleatsnutrition.com and here’s my full review with Powher Fat Burner:

Why Powher Cut

If you’ve read the recent research, you’ll know that Powher Cut is one of the biggest female fat burners on the market at the moment. With such positive reviews all over the internet and a comprehensive list of effective ingredients, I knew I had to review it for our site.

There are other products also in the Powher range, such as a pre-workout called Powher Pre-Workout for Women and a sleep aid called Powher Sleep Support for Women.

Recently, I went home to visit family and friends and ended up gaining more weight than I was comfortable with. Like 8-10 pounds more weight. So I was very determined to get rid of that extra weight immediately and felt like this was a great time to try Powher Fat Burner.

What I Bought

I ordered the Ultimate Powher Cut Pack which is a 4 month supply with free shipping for $195. It sounds expensive but breaking down the cost and value, it’s less than $2 per day to help me get better weight loss results. That’s cheaper than getting a personal trainer!

I wanted to lose weight in the fastest but healthiest way possible, so that is about 2 pounds per week. However, not only did I want to lose the extra fat I gained but also slim down even more so I could look great in time for the holidays.

I was reassured to know that it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if I wasn’t seeing results I’d have no problem sending it back. Worry-free!

My Real Personal Experience

(This is how Powher Cut worked for me, your results may vary.)

The directions state that I need to take 2 capsules before each meal 3 times a day. I already really like that there’s a lot of servings because that means it’s going to be constantly working in my body throughout the day.

I took my two capsules with a huge glass of water before I ate to make sure that the appetite-suppressing effects would kick in during my meal.

The appetite suppression effects kicked in within the hour. I actually couldn’t finish my meal like I usually do and stopped myself from overeating because I just felt full enough. Also, I didn’t feel bloated at all throughout the day. Usually, when I eat until I’m full, I feel gross and bloated but with this, I felt much leaner. It doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting at all!

Another added bonus is the boost of energy from the natural caffeine in the formula.

What’s great about Powher Cut is that I get that boost of energy from the natural caffeine and don’t have to worry about the side effects that come with caffeine. I feel like Powher really nailed the dosing on this.

Usually, when dieting I feel sluggish by the time I have to hit the gym. I end up walking on the treadmill because I don’t have the energy to do my full workout. However, with Powher I noticed I have much more energy and I feel more motivated to do my full workout.

My Overall Impressions

I used Powher Cut as directed on top of my calorie deficit diet and going to the gym 4 times a week. I’m happy to say that I was able to lose some of the extra weight by the end of the first month.

It wasn’t until the 3rd month of using Powher that I was really able to see the difference in my waistline and my overall health. Weight loss isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. I’m glad I stuck with PowHer to shred the most fat and keep it off.

Dieting has always been difficult for me because I love snacking and eating junk food. With Powher, it was easy for me to say no to snacks because I didn’t feel hungry. I also still felt healthy and energized even though I was eating less.

I’ll be continuing my use of Powher Cut because there’s still some extra pounds I want to get rid of. I might even try the Powher Pre-Workout and Powher Sleep Support next.

I highly recommend Powher Fat Burner for Women to anyone who’s looking for a fat burner that wants that extra help in getting the best weight loss results.

Powher Cut Price and Value

Powher Fat Burner for Women is sold in 3 different bundles:

  • 1 Bottle of Powher Cut = $65.00
  • 2 Bottles of Powher Cut + Free shipping to US & UK = $129.00 (You save $8.00)
  • Ultimate Powher Cut Pack: 3 Bottles of Powher Cut + 1 free bottle + Free worldwide delivery = $195.00 (You save $73.00)

If you want to see more special offers and deals on Powher Cut, check out more on their official website:
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Does Powher Really Work?


  • Glucomannan is an effective and natural appetite suppressing ingredient that is research-backed and supported by the European Food Safety Authority
  • Optimal dosage of natural caffeine to give you the energy benefits without unwanted side effects
  • Minerals and nutrients to keep you healthy and strong while dieting
  • Good amount of servings to help you feel the Powher benefits throughout the day
  • Ultimate Powher Cut Pack comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Premium price for a fat burner
  • Not available in stores

Would we recommend Powher Fat Burner for Women? Yes, we would.

If you’re looking for an effective fat burner that will help push your diet to the next level and give you a boost of energy, Powher Cut is right for you.

To find out more about Powher Cut, the Female Fat Burner for Women, visit their official website below:
Visit Powher’s Website


  • Can you buy Powher Cut on Amazon?

No, you can only buy Powher Cut on the official Powher website. But you can use your Amazon account on the official website to purchase Powher Cut.

  • Is there a difference between Powher Cut and Powher Fat Burner?

No there isn’t. They are both the same purple label product from Ultimate Life. Powher “Cut” is just the brand name of the Powher fat burner product.

  • What are the ingredients in Powher Cut?

The ingredients in Powher Fat Burner for Women are Konjac Root, Selenium, Chromium, Natural Caffeine, Magnesium, Choline, and Iron.

  • Does Powher Cut have any side effects?

Powher Cut does not have any side effects. Be sure to take it as directed to avoid potential ingredient side effects and consult a doctor before taking it.

  • How much does Powher Cut cost?

A 1-month supply of Powher Fat Burner for Women is $65, with a 2-month supply costing $129 at the same rate. There is also the Ultimate Powher Cut Pack which costs $195 for 4 bottles of Powher Cut and free shipping.

  • Are there any Powher discounts or coupon codes?

No, there are currently no discounts or coupon codes active for Powher Cut. However, the Ultimate Powher Cut Pack gives you the best deal for $49 a bottle in the 4-month supply.