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Flo Vitamins Review – Are PMS Gummies Legit?

Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins




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  • Vegan-friendly
  • Great Taste


  • Weak ingredients from Proprietary Blend
  • Potential side effects
  • Contains calories and sugars

About Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins

Flo Vitamins are a unique donut-shaped gummy vitamin that claims to combat the terrible symptoms of pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) or also commonly known as PMS.

These pink gummy vitamins include PMS-fighting ingredients that have been traditionally used to alleviate cramps, bloating, mood swings, and hormonal acne.

Not only that but the Flo PMS gummy is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and all-natural.

Sounds like a PMS lifesaver right? But will Flo actually help your PMS troubles disappear?

In this Flo Vitamins review, we’ll be talking about Flo Vitamins’ ingredients, side effects, where to buy it, Reddit reviews, and real positive/negative reviews from customers like you.

Flo Vitamins Ingredients

Flo Vitamins Ingredients

Here is the full list of ingredients in Flo Vitamins PMS Gummy:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Chaste Berry
  • Dong Quai
  • Lemon Balm

It’s worth noting that three of the ingredients in Flo (Chaste Berry, Dong Quai, and Lemon Balm) are in a “Proprietary Herbal Blend.”

What is a “Proprietary Herbal Blend”?

It’s a mix of ingredients by the supplement manufacturer to conceal the exact amounts of each ingredient in the nutrition label.

Why is a “Proprietary Herbal Blend” a bad thing?

It’s usually a red flag when natural supplements have to hide the amounts of their ingredients in a proprietary blend. If their product really works, why do they need to conceal the amounts?

Usually, when a proprietary blend is involved, it means that there may not be an adequate dosage of those certain ingredients to be effective for you.

Supplement manufacturers want you to think you’re getting the benefits of those ingredients without you checking if you’re taking enough of them to get the benefits.

Keeping this in mind, let’s move onto the next sections where we go in-depth on each ingredient in Flo PMS gummy vitamins to see if it will actually help you fight PMS.

Chaste Berry

Also known as monk’s pepper or Vitex, Chasteberry is a berry derived from a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean. For over 2,000 years, this berry has been used as an herbal remedy.

According to numerous studies, Chasteberry has been seen exceeding placebos in reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Some results of Chasteberry trials have revealed that it was able to reduce depression, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood swings.

One study published in the Journal of Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine showed that after three menstrual cycles, 93% of women treated with chasteberry extract experienced a decrease in symptoms of PMS.

However, there is a lack of evidence to prove chasteberry is completely safe when used in combination with birth control. Therefore, chasteberry isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or lactating due to a lack of research on its safety.

This is a good ingredient to have in Flo PMS gummy vitamins as it has strong evidence supporting its effectiveness for combatting PMS symptoms like breast pain, mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai or also known as “female ginseng” is an herb originating from China, Japan, and Korea. It’s often used and known for its ability to balance hormone fluctuations in women.

Dong quai contains ferulic acid which has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve a variety of ailments such as allergies, constipation, and more.

This female ginseng’s effect on PMS symptoms is that it can relieve and relax the muscles in the uterus to alleviate cramps and reduce bloating with its anti-inflammatory effect.

Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins claims that dong quai can kill menstrual cramps. But a 2004 study revealed that although women experienced less pain from abdominal and uterus cramps, a majority of them still required painkillers to get through the day.

Overall, this is an okay antispasmodic ingredient in Flo PMS gummy. The ferulic acid could help reduce bloating and PMS cramps but there’s a lack of strong evidence to support female ginseng as a replacement for painkillers.

Flo Gummies Reddit

Lemon Balm

Also scientifically known as Melissa Officinalis, Lemon Balm is an herb that has traditional uses for improving cognition and inducing calmness.

Flo PMS Gummies claim that Lemon Balm can reduce the intensity of cramps and muscle pain, however, that was only a single study with a very small sample size. There needs to be further research to support if Lemon Balm can effectively improve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Research has shown that it is effective at inducing calmness and relaxation. It does this by increasing your levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the central nervous system to reduce stress effects.

This is not a great ingredient for Flo PMS gummy because there’s poor evidence to support its ability to relieve PMS symptoms. The recommended lowest dose of Lemon Balm for effectiveness is about 300 mg and there is definitely not that amount in Flo.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that your body cannot produce on its own and must be obtained through food or supplements.

This vitamin plays a crucial role in metabolizing protein, fat, and carbohydrates as well as creating neurotransmitters and red blood cells.

There are many studies that support B6’s ability to reduce physical and psychological PMS symptoms with 50 -100 mg daily.

A study revealed that B6 was able to cause a significant decrease in symptoms like moodiness and bloating.

This is an excellent ingredient in Flo gummies but the dosage of this B vitamin in this supplement is too low to be effective. Each serving of Flo contains 20 mg of this vitamin, but it’s recommended to take 50-100 mg per day to reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

If you want to gain the powerful PMS-reducing benefits of this ingredient, Flo gummies may not be a good source. You’d be better off supplementing with an all-natural multivitamin.

Ingredients in Flo Vitamins – Summary

The four ingredients in Flo Gummies are Vitamin B6, Chasteberry, Lemon Balm, and Dong Quai.

Some of these herbs lack strong support to effectively reduce PMS symptoms. Just because a single study showed the ingredient to be beneficial, it’s not certain that it’ll actually help you and further research is needed.

Other ingredients may have too low of a dose in the Flo gummy to be effective. This means that even though this ingredient is present, there’s not enough of it for your body to absorb to have an impact on your PMS symptoms.

We like the idea of this PMS gummy but when we look closely at the research, we’re not certain if this will fight off your symptoms.

If you plan on taking a supplement every day anyway, you might as well take a multivitamin that’s actually effective to gain more whole-body health benefits.

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Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins

Side effects: Weight Gain & Allergic Reactions

Flo Vitamins doesn’t report any negative effects associated with Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins. However, with any natural supplement, there’s always a possibility of ingredient-related effects.

Some side effects of Flo Vitamins may include the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Rash (from allergic reactions)
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Stomach Upset
  • Dizziness

If you experience any negative effects from these gummies, stop use immediately.

We recommended consulting your doctor or gynecologist before taking Flo gummies, as it may have an effect on your hormone balance.

Flo Vitamins Weight Loss

Flo Vitamins seems to really push this gummy’s weight loss abilities on advertisements around the internet.

But can this supplement help you lose weight?

After looking at the ingredient label, there are zero fat-burning ingredients in Flo. No one can burn fat with this.

The weight loss that Flo is referring to is the lack of bloat and water weight you will have if you take this supplement.

So don’t expect this pink gummy to help you drop dress sizes. It may help you bloat less and experience a bit less water weight but other than that you’ll probably be the same weight if you didn’t take Flo.

Flo Vitamins and Birth Control

Would it be okay to take these gummies if you’re already on birth control?

Most women take birth control to balance their hormones and reduce the effects of menstruation on their bodies.

Chaste Berry in Flo helps premenstrual syndrome by rebalancing hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Though that may be good, it’s uncertain how this ingredient will affect the hormones in birth control.

If you’re on any other medication or any type of birth control, we would recommend consulting your physician before you take Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins as it may have an effect on your body.

Flo Vitamins Reviews: Acne Control

One of the benefits of these gummies is that they can help improve skin by reducing hormonal acne.

Acne occurs during PMS because your hormone levels drop and as a result, your sebaceous glands produce more oily sebum.

Though this gummy may help balance your hormones to reduce acne, it’s important to practice self-care and develop a skincare routine that works for you.

If you’re a woman who suffers from acne, it’s recommended to try changing your dietary habits and other external factors before depending on a supplement.

Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamin Reviews – Reddit

We looked extensively through Reddit to see what users were saying about Flo PMS gummy vitamins in various subreddits.

Most users on Reddit asked about these gummies in subreddits such as acne, PMS, PMDD, Skincare Addiction, and Ask Women.

There were only one or two positive comments, stating that it had greatly reduced some of their most problematic PMDD symptoms.

However, other users weren’t so lucky as one user described developing a cyst in their breast while being on Flo. Another woman stated that this supplement had made her period late, giving her a pregnancy scare. No one should have to go through that from a supplement.

Overall, the comment reviews on Reddit weren’t great. Most users stated that the ingredients were mainly sugar and low doses of herbs, concluding that they would not recommend Flo for treating skin or premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Now that we’ve seen the Reddit reviews, let’s take a look at other real reviews of Flo gummies.

Flo Vitamins Real Reviews

After searching for real reviews on Amazon, it seems that this supplement is no longer available to be purchased on Amazon.

However, Amazon has kept all the customer reviews on their page.

Let’s see what people had to say about Flo in their review.

Positive Reviews of Flo Gummies

A customer who gave Flo a 5-star review stated that it was life-changing and has made her less irritable.

Flo Vitamins Real Reviews

Another user review that had 5-stars also claimed that after 2 months of taking these gummies daily, their PMDD symptoms have reduced dramatically.

Flo PMS Gummy Review

Most of the reviews with 5-stars are overwhelmingly positive, with some even claiming that these gummies have effects similar to birth control in terms of hormone balance.

Next, let’s take a look at negative reviews with less than 4 stars.

Negative Reviews of Flo Vitamins for PMS

We’ll be looking at the negative reviews as they tend to be the most truthful.

A user review with 3 stars said that this supplement ended up making their skin breakout into hormonal cysts.

Negative Reviews Flo Vitamins

Another user review stated that they would experience negative effects such as headaches and stomachaches after taking this supplement.

Flo Vitamins Negative Review

Overall, most of the negative reviews of these Flo gummies are due to either the user experiencing negative effects from the gummies or not having an effect at all.

Flo Vitamins Target: Where to Buy

Flo Gummies come in a bottle of 60 gummies for $29.99 (price at the time of writing).

They can be purchased from the FloVitamins company site with different subscription options.

Another site where you can purchase this supplement is the company Revolve.

These pink gummies are not available for purchase at Target or Walmart. They are also no longer available to buy on Amazon.

Flo Vitamins Discount Code & Promotions

The Flo Vitamins company is offering a 10% off discount on your first bottle with the discount code “GOFLO.”

Other deals and promotions on this supplement include purchasing a 2-month supply for a discount and a subscribe & save option.

Flo Gummies Review

Review Summary – Do Flo Vitamins Work?

The bottom line on this pink gluten-free PMS gummy is that it has mixed reviews with most of the real reviews leaning towards negative experiences.

The ingredients sound good for premenstrual syndrome but once you look at the studies, the evidence is not strong enough to support its effectiveness.

Even the amount of each ingredient in the gummies makes it unclear if you will be getting a decent dose to gain the benefits from them.

If you choose to take Flo PMS gummy vitamins, prepare yourself for possible negative effects as described by many other women.

For more safe and reliable whole-body wellness that can help improve symptoms of PMS, we recommend taking an effective all-natural multivitamin. The advantages are you get all the nutrients your body needs to fight PMS symptoms that are often due to hormone imbalances and lack of nutrients.

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