Colony Fit Personal Training App Review

Colony Fit Review

Colony Fit Review – Personal Training Workout App

Growing up playing sports, I’ve been exercising consistently for years, working out multiple times each week. I normally come up with my own workout routines, and I’ve been using fitness apps more frequently with so many new products on the market.

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to structure my routine better and get some formal coaching to accelerate my progress. I’ve found that existing fitness apps just don’t provide enough personalization for my own goals, yet on the other hand, I’ve always been hesitant to pay the full price for a personal trainer.

With this, I’m excited to share information about Colony, a personal training app providing fitness coaching in an environment you can use at home or at the gym!

What is Colony and how do I use the app?

Colony is a fitness app providing workout routines and 24/7 support at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

Colony works via an app-based environment – I can use the app to receive workouts, ask coaches for support, and ask questions based on my exercise form.

After registering on the website, I received an email along with some instructions on how to use the app.  I then downloaded the app and started a workout.

What does Colony support look like? Is the coaching legit?

In my view, Colony support is the best part of the app and is the core reason Colony stands out over other fitness apps.

Support comes via in-app messaging where I can ask my coach any questions or post a video of my exercise form to get improvement cues.

I can enter in a question about workout programming and receive feedback within the app. I tested this out when I had a question about how to perform an exercise. I can see this feature be helpful for a number of other purposes, for example, if I needed to switch up my routine or change exercises in the future.

I sent the coach a video of my renegade to test out the feedback and a coach provided great insight into what I can do better. I realize I’ve been performing renegade incorrectly for years!

I understand that I may not get a response right away but my Colony coach was very prompt and usually responded to me in about 2 hours the same day! That beats a lot of other apps that offer support via email and don’t reply until about 2-3 days later.

After using the direct coach messaging and form checks for two weeks with all my workouts, I have to say that Colony coaching is very helpful and legit. It really did feel like I had a personal trainer to help me through all my workouts!

My personal experience with the Colony Fit App

When I logged into the Colony app on my phone, I noticed that my coach had assigned me to a Functional Strength program as per my goals during registration.

I was really surprised to see that my coach had scheduled all the different workouts I would do for this week. The Functional Strength program is specially designed to help you make progress in strength and muscle building with its varied workouts.

Here I can scroll through my exercise routine and view my schedule for the week – the app also has functions including progress tracking & coaching resources.

I love having all of this set up for me! It’s great just logging into the app and having my workout programmed for me.

Colony Fit App Functionality

The Colony app includes everything you would want from a workout app.

It’s got a note-taking feature on all your exercises so you can see if you’re making improvements from your previous workouts. The timer function is super handy for timing exercises like planks.

One of my favorite parts of the Colony Fit app is the video demonstration for each exercise. When following other programs, I often don’t know how to do a certain exercise, so I end up leaving the app and having to go to Youtube to look up that exercise. Colony has thought of everything!

Screenshot of the basic exercise – I can record time, repetitions, and weights to monitor progress.

Not only are the video demonstrations helpful, but there are also detailed tips to help you improve your form for each exercise. So if I missed something important in the video, the exercise explanations are there to help me clearly understand what I should be doing.

Colony Workout Difficulty

When I registered for Colony, one of the questions asked me about my fitness level. I answered that I was getting back into exercise and wanted to transition into a routine.

My Colony coach was great with adapting my Functional Strength program to my fitness level because all my workouts felt challenging and fun. Some other workout programs are often too easy or don’t even account for injuries or weaknesses.

I felt that Colony truly personalized my workout program to ensure I am able to build strength and power at a pace that works for me.

Colony Fit App Results

I completed two weeks of my Functional Strength training on Colony and I’m really surprised by my results.

There’s definitely an improvement in the number of reps I do in my sets now. I felt much stronger and more confident in my fitness abilities for the second week compared to the first week.

My strength improvement is probably due to Colony’s personalized programming and insanely helpful coaching support.

The direct personal coaching helps you maximize your results by checking your form and giving you feedback that you normally wouldn’t get if you were working out alone with any generic app.

I would not be able to improve my strength as fast if I had been working out by myself and just watching Youtube videos. Having a personal trainer on Colony gave me the edge to get the best results from my workouts.

Where can I use Colony? What equipment do I need?

I normally go to a local gym but with COVID-19 I have been defaulting to a home routine.  I have basic equipment (weights, bench) – nothing like an actual gym but I think I can get a good workout in. Colony seems best suited for individuals’ basic equipment like I have or a full-gym set-up, but can also work with individuals with no equipment.

The Colony website and a Colony coach can provide substitute exercises if you don’t have equipment on board.

The only equipment needed is a mobile device or a computer – I use Android but iOS and the web-portal are also options to access the app.

 What I like best about Colony

  • The support from an actual trainer providing feedback and assistance
  • 15 day free trial with a no-contract policy
  • Price point – much cheaper than a personal trainer

 What I would change

  • The app is not free and doesn’t replace the cost of a gym membership. But again, other apps don’t have the same level of coaching support
  • The registration process can be shorter – first, you need to fill out a signup form, then read an email, then download the app.

Review Summary – Is Colony Fit Worth It?

If you can use some assistance to improve your workouts, Colony is a great way to accelerate your fitness progress utilizing personal trainers. I haven’t seen other products in the market with similar lower-cost, high-quality fitness training, and Colony does this well.

Colony is worth a look whether you are a beginner needing some help getting started or a more advanced individual trying to get an extra boost.

With features such as direct coach messaging and virtual form checks, I can confidently say that Colony is worth paying for over the free apps.

Colony currently has a free trial period where you can register for 15 days without any charge. After 15 days you can enter into a month-to-month subscription. If you cancel within 15 days your credit card will not be charged and you will not enter into a subscription. Truly risk-free!


Price: $49.99/month (currently at $34.99/month promotion)