Performance Lab Sleep
Sleep Better

Performance Lab Sleep Review

Performance Lab Sleep Quick Summary Performance Lab Sleep is a highly impressive sleep supplement, especially since it uses Montmorency tart cherry as a natural source of Melatonin. Synthetic melatonin found in most sleep aids can cause unwanted side effects. All of the Performance Lab Sleep ingredients are formulated to support better and more restful sleep …

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Dream Water Reviews
Sleep Better

Dream Water Reviews: Is This Sleep Water a Scam?

Dream Water Quick Summary Dream Water powder and sleep shot both have good sleep aid ingredients like Melatonin. But the other ingredients GABA and 5-HTP are not well-supported by research as an effective sleep aid. There’s a potential for unwanted side effects due to the confusing Dream Water dosing in the proprietary blend. If you …

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Hum Nutrition Reviews
Fat Burners

Hum Nutrition Reviews: Read This Before You Buy

Hum Skinny Bird Quick Summary Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird has some good and some weak ingredients for weight loss. Their main appetite suppressing ingredient doesn’t have a lot of research backing its effectiveness. Many customers complain about negative side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting from the 5-HTP in Skinny Bird. If you want an …

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Costco Vitamins
Live Healthier

Costco Vitamins: Are Kirkland Supplements Safe?

Costco Vitamins Quick Summary Costco Vitamins have decent dosings for your daily nutritional needs but when it comes to the quality of these vitamins, you may be getting mostly synthetic nutrients. Synthetic nutrients are cheaper to produce, which is why Costco Vitamins are so affordable, but it can also be more difficult for your body …

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Goli Gummies
Goli Supplement Blog

Where are Goli gummies made?

Goli Gummies are made in the USA, in state of the art facilities to ensure the highest quality product. If you want to read more about Goli Gummies and what they do, read our full review here. How are Goli gummies made? These gummies are made with organic non-GMO ingredients. There are no preservatives, chemicals, …

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