How Stressed Are You Really?


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Lessons Learned from Living in Spain

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Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant


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Stop the Glorification of Busy


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I absolutely love transition times because it really gives you a fresh perspective on life!  Summer can be a time of new birth and new beginnings as well as a time to slow down and pursue what really matters to you. Today, I am welcoming summer with “10 Ways to Freshen Your Life & Health […]

Simply toss on the grill quickly make this fire roasted habanero and garlic salsa and keep a batch on hand to season your food all summer long. This past weekend was the most relaxing—my husband and I have both been working about 18+ hours a day, but we do what we love so hey! After […]

On today’s Colorful Eats podcast episode, we are diving into why and how finding your “why” is the thing to do to help you create a more clear and meaningful path to achieve whatever you set out to do in life — whether it be in your career, your family life, your health or even […]

Today we are chatting with Jessi of the popular food blog, Jessi’s Kitchen, about her autoimmune disease diagnosis and how she has learned to “live beyond” and find joy within the challenges of her diagnosis. Jessi shares her passion for good food and how changing her diet made a world of difference in her health […]

Learn how to make this creamy, crunchy Paleo cole slaw without a recipe and only a handful of ingredients! Summer here in Spain is fully alive! Between the afternoon heat, working endlessly on launching my first ever nutrition course (sign up HERE to stay notified!) and the sun not setting until about 10:30, cooking dinner has […]

On today’s episode of the Colorful Eats podcast, we are digging into protein powders and dissecting those famous label claims of weight loss and six pack abs. Is the powdered form of protein all it’s cracked up to be or should be reconsider our go-to protein powder? We share our favorite protein sources and how […]